Business Income Cheat Sheet

Determining a business income limit is a math problem. By calculating lost revenue plus continuing expenses, we can arrive at a number to consider as a business income limit. Traditionally, the worksheets that carriers provide in order to make this calculation are arduous, with inquiry that is not always applicable to your organization. Below is a quick summary business income worksheet, applicable to most organizations, and provides a smart starting point for determining a proper business income limit. We can then consider additional and unique aspects of your operations to further refine to a most appropriate limit to choose.

Click on the button below to get instant access to this free worksheet - It will take you to a Google Doc - Right Click on the file and select "Download"- This is an Microsoft Excel Document - Once you open the worksheet in Excel, at the top of the worksheet you will have to "Enable Editing" (in Excel) to be able to input your numbers. - If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call.

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